Open House
Tap Dance

Tuesday, May 22 from 6-9pm
Winchester Recreation Town Hall Auditorium
71 Mt. Vernon Street, Winchester

Come and have fun learning the basic elements of Tap Dancing. Instructor: Sharon White.

Brian Jones and Donald Suthard have been performing together as Street Tap since 1995. They tap on a wooden stage that they bring wherever they perform, clamping it together on overturned buckets. Sets of tuned boxes provide additional surfaces for the tap teamwork.

Brian Jones has choreographed for and danced with many groups, including Hawaii's Volcano Circus and his own All-Tap Revue.

Donald Suthard has been a dancer at Walt Disney World and has traveled the USA with the National Touring Company of Sesame Street Live.

Tap dancing to classic American jazz, Street Tap brings street energy to theaters, festivals and concerts as well as sidewalks and basketball courts.

Email them for information on upcoming performances.


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