Jamie Larowitz Sherman

Jamie Larowitz Sherman has been performing as a jazz tap dancer for over fifteen years. Throughout the 1980's she was a featured dancer with the Peggy Spina Tap Company. A veteran of the New York tap scene, she has studied with many of the first generation tap masters including Buster Brown, Honi Coles, Chuck Green, Steve Condos and Eddie Brown. Related studies include jazz (Lynn Simonson, Danny Pepitone), body music (Keith Terry), music theory, and African percussion.

Jamie's recently created production company Accent On Rhythm promotes the art of jazz tap improvisation through workshops and jams with live musical accompaniment. The International Tap Association magazine On Tap called Accent On Rhythm's February 2000 jam an "overwhelming success" where "thunderous applause reverberat[ed] through the room".

Recent performance credits include: Accent On Rhythm Jazz Tap Jams (emcee; improviser, choreographer), Buster Brown's Tap Jam at New York's Swing 46 (improviser); Bob Thomas' Jazz On Tap (soloist; improviser); Tapestry '99 (ensemble dancer); Tapestry '98 (dancer/arranger: tribute to Buster Brown); Beth Soll & Company with Stan Strickland (gues artist/choreographer).

Jamie regulary teaches technique and repertory classes in the Boston area, choreographs for professional and student showcases, and conducts improvisation workshops in collaboration with local jazz and world musicians.


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