Q: - How do I find all intermediate level tap classes listed in TapBoston?

A: - First make sure you have the main "frame" for TapBoston Teachers considered "active" in the browser (versus the navigation frame on the left-hand side). Simply click anywhere in the TapTeacher page (you can click on any white space, no cursor will show though which is okay). Then pull down the "Edit" menu of your browser. There will be a Find option there. Depending on which browser you are using it might be called "Find (on page)" or "Find in Frame". This will bring up a box where you can type the string you'd like to search for. In this case you could type "int" (no quotes though) so you would find all strings containing "int" ("intermediate" would match and so would "int/advanced"). Be sure not to select "match case" in your search because the spelling might be capitolized ("Intermediate"). There is an option to do the search again and so you can quickly jump through the page finding all occurances of the string "int". **You can also use this method to find all classes at "Dance Inn", or all classes on "Tues", for example.

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